Lavaggi's challenge: the return of the "driver-constructor"

Who does not remember Enzo Ferrari, Bruce McLaren, Jack Brabham! History has seen various examples of these protagonists, who have pushed forward the development of automobiles, in motor Sport as well as in road cars. In those days, it was about normal to design, construct and build a race car in one’s own garage, take it to the races, and, with some extra spirit of entrepreneur, it was as well possible to sell street-going versions of these race cars. History shows there is quite extraordinary success of these men, who have been able to unite the qualities of being a driver, a designer and an entrepreneur. Regrettably, it looks like the so-called modern times do not have men like that anymore. The technical evolution, the enormous funds needed to raise a program like this and the highly specialized rules seem to make the existence of a person like that impossible. As a a matter of fact, it is more than 20 years ago that a driver showed up with a car constructed by himself. Giovanni Lavaggi, not just a driver, but a promoted engineer of mechanics as well, is today the only one person of the modern times who brings to life again the myth of these men who have written the history of modern motor sport. Because he is driven by the same spirit, passion and determination than his predecessors, Giovanni Lavaggi is going to show that it is still possible to take up the challenge, get into the melee and fight against the "giants" of the car business.

Giovanni Lavaggi